I am a Pacific Northwest Native that fell in love with making this world a more beautiful place. I live for helping others feel good about themselves, to look in the mirror and love what they see. With so much of the world telling us we need to change in some way, I've made it my mission to show my clients the person they are meant to become is the person they already all. 

9 Facts | A Natural born foodie, I love anything spicy! Also, Lemons. I am to lemons like Bubba is to shrimp (Forest Gump reference). Fave place to be is in the sunshine surrounded by good people. Mama & wife. Friends are family we choose. Always living for the quiet moments with powerful connection. Handwritten notes over texts. Hugs over handshakes (sorry in advance!).
Love conquers all and is the answer to almost any of life's problems. 


About Angie

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