Wedding Hairstyles For 2020

June 19, 2020

Wedding Hair Inspiration

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While I am not a fan of “sticking to trends” for wedding looks, I am a huge advocate to staying true to your unique style. If it’s common for you to have funky hairstyles or wild hair color, it’s a great idea for you to do this for your wedding. Its YOU! On the flip side, if you are someone who always wears their hair down and curled, doing a ponytail or tight bun may not be the route for you.

One thing I’ve personally been loving the last 6-12 months is seeing brides lean into the more relaxed vibe with their hair. Soft, full, brushed out curls are such a classic way to wear your hair on wedding day. If you prefer more of a bohemian flare, but want your hair down, elongating those curls and straightening just the ends of each strand really add that “undone” look.

Another trend I’ve seen by the amazing Jen Atkin that she did for Hailey Bieber when she wed Justin Bieber, is the piece-y low knot. The bun itself is low and almost resembles a knot, like you could have tied it yourself. a few strands pulled out around the face make it feel casual and authentic. This could very well be my current favorite look for quite a few of my clients. It feels timeless, classic, yet has this air of comfort. The perfect combination in my mind.

The last trend I’ve noticed and will ALWAYS advocate for, is brides with curly hair wearing it natural! It’s always a sad day when I have a bride wanting me to blow out her gorgeous curls for her wedding day. They almost always look back and regret it. Of course it looks beautiful, but when they (and their fiance) are used to seeing themselves with curls every single day, it’s odd to see straight hair on their wedding day. I love working with curls and giving the perfect updo that not only shows them off, but still gives that classic, romantic vibe. There can be both and I will always love finding that happy medium for my brides.

Of course, there will always be braids and vintage nods, but the overall feel for 2020 bridal hairstyles is relaxed and authentic. Hair that feels good, looks healthy, and can truly stand the test of time. To be honest, this feels so fitting for the times. People are getting back to what really matters in life, reconnecting with themselves and with the people they truly love. I think for weddings we are going to see this in a huge way as well. A bit of a strip down, and I’m SO here for it.

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