TOP 3 Hairstyles for a Sedona Elopement

February 13, 2022

sedona elopement

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Eloping in Sedona is arguably one of the coolest experiences you’ll have in your life! Not only are the views breathtaking, but it’s home to 4 energy vortexes- FOUR! It really does create a foundational element to your wedding day unlike anywhere else.

While there are many pieces to planning, what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to do your hair & makeup is most definitely one of them. Today I’m sharing 3 hairstyles I feel work best for Sedona’s climate and your elopement!

Hair & Makeup: @MakeupArtist.Angela Photo: @TheFoxes

#1 The Updo

Wearing your hair up not only shows off your gorgeous jawline (cue the snuggly couple’s photos), but it stays put ALL DAY! You can pull some pieces around your face if you want that effortless vibe or keep it really sleek and pulled back. Try a twist, low or high ponytail, or a low bun (looking at you Hailey Beiber!).

Hair & Makeup: @MakeupArtist.Angela Photo: @MakeupArtist.Angela (thank you iphone)

#2 The Not-So Updo

This is one of my favorite looks to create. It’s not really a braid, not really a ponytail, and definitely not a down-with-curls look. It’s its own boho inspired look that works from ALL angles. What’s great about this one is that it’s secured with elastics, so even in the high winds, your hair is staying put! Hallelujah!

Hair & Makeup: @MakeupArtist.Angela Photo: @TheFoxes

#3 Down and Breezy

This is not for every bride. It’s for the bride that is not fond of ‘traditional bridal’ – you know who you are! The bride that wants the wind in her hair, those blurry photos, the bride that wants to bring emotion and art to her special day. Your hair becomes the veil to your dress and it really sets the tone. Just be sure to bring a brush or wide tooth comb with you to freshen up and detangle between locations.

No matter what you choose, know you are in the one of the raddest spots, and your Elopement is going to be one for the books!

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