Desert Skin-Care Routine From A PNW Girl.

February 13, 2022

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This move has been a long time coming, and I couldn’t be happier to be in the sunshine, especially during these trying times. While I plan on being back in the Pacific Northwest for my Summer weddings (I can’t wait!), the desert is our new home base and with that comes a new self-care routine.

Here are some processes and products that have helped me seamlessly transition my hair, skin, and spirit to the beautiful Arizona desert.

5 Tips For Hydrated Skin In The Desert

  1. Hydrating my skin in a WHOLE new way. Instead of using my tried and true Honest Beauty Hydrogel cream, I’ve upgraded the Honest Beauty Organic Beauty Facial Oil. This really gives me that extra hydration that lasts through the night.
  2. On days I feel my skin is really needing some softening and extra hydration, I start my whole routine with a face steamer. this really opens my pores to accept the moisture I’m about to apply. It’s a game changer and SO worth the buy!
  3. Aloe, baby! I’m taking advantage of living in the desert and walking right outside to clip Aloe leaves for overnight masks. Pinch me!
  4. Water! I know you’re probably tired of hearing it, but this is #1 for me, and yes I consider it to be a part of my skincare routine.
  5. SPF and hats. When headed outside where I know I’ll intentionally be in the sun, I apply a good 35 spf primer (Glossier has a great one!), or a tinted moisturizer that has an SPF (It Cosmetics CC Cream is a tried and true). Lately I’ve been reaching for my Elta MD either to dilute my foundation or to just wear on its own. If you have a medium to deep skintone, use the one labeled “tinted”.

I’m sure I’ll be updated this list soon, but I wanted to at least throw these items out there for anyone else on the dry skin struggle bus.

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